Pineapple Slicer



The Starfrit pineapple slicer core and slice pineapple at the same time! To use, simply cut off the head of the
pineapple, center the tool (around the core of the pineapple) and turn. While you are turning, you will be
making pineapple slices while removing the skin and the core. It's that easy!



  • 1. Cut off top of pineapple. Center slicer over core. Turn clockwise while pushing down until slicer won't go
  • any further.
  • 2. Remove slicer by pulling handle straight up. Pinch buttons on shaft to remove handle. If core is stuck in shaft,
  • insert the grip of handle to push it out.
  • 3. Slide pineapple off and slice pineapple stack to separate rings.


    Dishwasher safe


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