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📱 (+63) 936-429-5700 / 📞 046-413-5124

Oopsie Poopsie Pre-Poo Spray 2oz

Color: Berry Fresh


Oopsie Poopsie pre-poo toilet spray keeps the poo smell out of the air and in the toilet by imprisoning nasty odors in the water, where they belong. You can poop at parties, work, school, restaurants, and none but you will be the wiser!

  • Rethink the stink & disclaim the shame! With your go-to toilet odor eliminator spray, no one will ever know what business you make in the bathroom again! 
  • Oopsie Poopsie eliminates odors so you can poop discreetly and poop confidently. 
  • Your poo doesn’t have to smell. It’s time to rule your stool!


To cover the track of what comes out your crack, shake well, spray 2-6 times directly into the toilet, unload your cargo, then flush and walk away feeling like a new person and leaving the bathroom smelling better than you found it.


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children, avoid eye contact, do not ingest, use only in ventilated areas. Never tested on animals.

Note: The packaging and pictures may vary due to photoshoot lighting, angle, positioning, and variation of available supply.