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Joa Neck Ampoule - Calming & Regenerating Ampoule

by Joa
[JOA] Joa Neck Ampoule - Calming & Regenerating Ampoule
Allantoin + Derma-Clera + Neuropeptide Complex
An ampoule that provides rich nutrition to the skin by adding lack-end swallow-wort extract and four peptides to allantoin, which excellently soothes skin.
As an ampoule that strengthens the skin barrier, improves skin elasticity, and reduce wrinkles.
JOA Neck Ampoule is a product made by adding lack-end swallow-wort extract, which help to strengthen the skin.
Barrier, and allantoin to neuropeptide, which is a step higher than existing peptides, which are raw materials often used in skin elasticity and wrinkle improvement cosmetics.

What is Allantoin?
Allantoin is a naturally derived ingredient that can be extracted from various plants such as comfrey herb roots and chamomile. Even in a small amount, it excellently moisturizes and soothes the skin.
Hence a widely used ingredient in cosmetics.
Allantoin is used for skin and for its anti-inflammatory action and helps to improve damaged skin by promoting the growth of new tissues

What is DERMA-CLERA is a naturally derived ingredient from lack-end swallow-wort extract, which helps to calm and regenerate the skin and strengthen the skin barrier
What is Neuropeptide Complex?
Neuropeptide is a newly conceived peptide that has been upgraded from existing peptides as a patented raw material for four types of peptides.
Neuropeptide ingredients help improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles