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Philips AVENT – Infant BPA-Free Bottle Starter Set

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Product Details;

Philips AVENT uses bottles completely free of Bisphenol-A. Further, the BPA-free feeding bottles have extra-soft nipples for your babys comfort. The bottle starter set includes a cleaning brush exclusively designed with curved head and no sharp edges, so as to augment the life of the bottles.

Philips AVENT Infant Bottle Starter Set:

  • Clinically proven to significantly reduce fussing
  • Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding
  • 5 different nipple flow rates are available
  • Bisphenol-A free plastic bottles
  • Holds 3 pre-measured doses of milk powder
  • Curved brush head and molded tip
  • Includes two 9oz and two 4oz Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottles
  • Extra soft nipples that promote proper latch on Formula dispenser
  • Bottle Brush for easy cleaning
  • Model SCD265/01

From the Manufacturer

Philips AVENT SCD265/01 BPA Free Infant Starter Gift Set

Philips AVENT SCD265/01 BPA Free Infant Starter Gift Set

  • BPA Free Classic bottles with wide design for safe, comfortable feeding
  • Soft, naturally shaped Classic nipples for easy transitioning from breast to bottle
  • Anti-colic valve prevents air from entering a baby’s tummy
  • Bottle-to-first-cup trainer helps babies move to sippy cups
  • Includes powder dispenser, bottle brush, and newborn pacifier


BPA Free Bottles Clinically Proven to Reduce Colic

BPA Free Bottles Clinically Proven to Reduce Colic

The AVENT Infant Starter Gift Set comes with two 4-ounce bottles with Classic slow-flow nipples and two 9-ounce bottles with Classic newborn nipples. Made from BPA Free polypropylene (PP) materials for safe feeding, these bottles have a wide shape for fewer spills while filling and quick cleaning. Clear, easy-to-read measuring markers make for an accurate filling, even when you’re running on less sleep.

AVENT Classic nipples are soft and naturally shaped to promote proper latch-on. Their shape also makes it easier to transition back and forth from breast to bottle feeding.

AVENT’s Classic bottles feature an anti-colic valve in the nipple that flexes to let air into the bottle, not in a baby’s tummy where it can lead to gas and other discomfort. This design is proven to reduce colic. A clinical trial showed that at two weeks of age, babies fed with the Classic bottle were less likely to experience colic symptoms than babies fed with a traditional bottle.

Bottle-to-First-Cup Trainer Adapts to Your Baby’s Changing Needs

The AVENT Classic Infant Starter Kit is designed to grow with babies as they move from bottle to sippy cup. The majority of the Philips AVENT feeding line is interchangeable, so as babies’ needs change it is easy to switch to nipples with faster flow rates. Once they’re ready to move onto sippy cups, the bottle-to-first-cup trainer offers a nipple and soft spout for training, as well as easy-hold handles. You can also add the handles to a familiar bottle so babies can get used to more independent feeding.
Travel Dispenser for On-the-Go Feeding

Travel Dispenser for On-the-Go Feeding

For on-the-go feeding, this kit includes a sturdy plastic milk powder dispenser. The dispenser holds up to three pre-measured servings of milk powder/formula and has a stay-in-place lid for easy travel.

Orthodontic Pacifier Supports Healthy Development

To help soothe babies between feedings, this kit comes with a newborn silicone pacifier. This orthodontic, flat, symmetrical nipple respects the natural development of babies’ palate, teeth, and gums.

Bottle Brush for Easy Cleaning

For fast cleanup, the kit comes with a bottle brush that reaches even hard-to-clean areas at the bottom and sides of the bottle.

Package Contents

Two Classic 4-ounce bottles, two Classic 9-ounce bottles, two Classic slow flow nipples, two Classic newborn nipples, bottle-to-first-cup trainer with removable handles and soft spout, milk powder dispenser with lid, pacifier, and cleaning brush.