Luxxe Protect Pure Grapeseed Extract 500mg


NEW Authentic Luxxe Protect - Pure Grapeseed Extract Bottle 30 Capsules 

 Made with Pure Grapeseed Extract, LUXXE PROTECT is an extremely powerful antioxidant that energizes the mind and body, Has Cardiovascular benefits and is a key part in healthy skin nutrition

  • Contents: 30 Capsules (15 day supply)
  • Grapeseed oil offers great benefits to our skin and can help heal wounds
  • Luxxe Protect is a source for Polyphenols which can be a powerful ingredient for our health. It can be found in tea and red wine
  • Helps promote brain, skin, and eye health
  • Helps Improve blood circulation
  • Helps skin remain young looking
FrontRow uses only the purest form of grapeseed extract for this product, and none of their products are tested on animals.

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