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FLTR Non-Contact Infrared Instant Read Thermometer (sold per piece)

by Costco


Product Description:


  • Non-Contact Instant Results
  • Tri-Color Backlit Display with Fever Alarm
  • Temperature Memory of 99 Measurements
  • FSA Eligible Item

Non-Contact with Instant Results

The no-contact design allows you to measure a person’s skin temperature from up to 2 inches away and get results in less than a second. Medical-grade precision ensures accuracy to within +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is also a Surface mode that lets you measure surfaces (including liquids) up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tri-Color Backlit Display with Fever Alarm

Instantly see and hear if a person is experiencing a fever. The integrated Fever Alarm automatically shows a person’s temperature with a green, orange, or red display so you instantly see if they have a normal, elevated, or high temperature.

An audible beep lets you know a person has a high temperature that should be discussed with a physician.

Built-In Memory Locations

Perfect for managing a fever, you can easily track a person’s temperature over time. Each measurement is stored in one of 99 memory locations.

If you are monitoring a sick person, you can easily see how their temperature has changed with each new measurement.

Long Lasting Performance

Provides 2,000 measurements before you need to replace any batteries. With smart features like auto-shutoff to preserve power, you can be sure you are ready to instantly take a temperature when the time comes.

ATTENTION: When the thermometer is powered on it enters a brief startup mode and all functional icons appear on the display (including a low battery indicator). After a second, the thermometer will be in normal operation mode and most icons will disappear. The low battery indicator that appears during startup does not mean your batteries are low. During normal operation and after many uses, this icon will appear when your batteries are low.

The manufacturer recommends using Alkaline AAA batteries for proper operation and avoiding the use of rechargeable batteries.