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📱 (+63) 936-429-5700 / 📞 046-413-5124

Brim Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, Uniformly Grinds Beans for 1-17 Cups of Coffee, Features Removable Bean Container, 17 Precise Grind Size Settings, and Convenient Auto Shut Off, Stainless Steel/Black 120V /AC 60Hz 130W

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Brim’s Conical Burr grinder delivers perfectly uniform coffee grounds every time. The high performance, fully automated design optimizes grind speed to preserve your coffee’s aroma with 17 precise grind settings from Turkish mochas to French press. Grind up to 85 grams of coffee at a time in the easily removable bean container. The durable sleek design is ideal for long lasting, every day use. Get grinding.

  • High Performance

    130 watt, fully automated, high performance conical burr grinder for daily fresh ground coffee

    Ease of use

    Removable coffee ground container for easy use and cleaning (85g capacity)

    Adjustable volume

    Adjustable ground volume with auto shut-off (1-17 cups)

    Removable coffee bean container

    Fits up to 185g of beans

    Coffee ground container

    Removable coffee ground container for easy use and cleaning (85g capacity)For tidy countertops

    Durable construction

    For long-lasting, every day use

    17 Settings

    17 precise settings for different grind sizes for a large range of brewing techniques:

    • 0.20 mm Fine (Turkish mocha)
    • 0.38 mm Espresso Grind (Espresso)
    • 0.75 mm Drip (Filter coffee)
    • 1.0 mm Regular (Percolator)
    • 1.5 mm Coarse (French press)