Step 1

Shop online and go through the normal checkout process.  Choose Dragonpay as the payment option.

Step 2

You will be prompted for the payment fund source.  Choose among the Online Bank payment options.  In the example here, you chose Unionbank as the fund source.  This means that you will pay using your Unionbank Internet Banking account.

Step 3

You will be prompted for your Unionbank Internet Banking login id and password. Enter them here correctly and click the Continue button to proceed.

Step 4

Dragonpay will retrieve the bank accounts enrolled in your Internet banking facility and present them in a dropdown list. Choose the account you wish to debit the payment from.

Depending on your bank’s policy, they may require a Transaction Password, which is different from your Login Password in order to perform financial transactions.  If it does, enter that password in the blank space provided.  Internet banking facilities that require such a password includes those from UnionbankChinabank, and RCBC.  Other banks like BDO, BPI, EastWest Bank and Metrobank do not require this.

After you have selected the account and provided the Transaction Password (if any), click the Paybutton to authorize Dragonpay to charge the online purchase from that account.

Step 5

Upon completion, your browser will be redirected back to the merchant site.  You will be informed by the merchant on the completion status — whether successful or not.  Possible causes for a failed transaction include: an incorrect Transaction Password was provided; or the total amount you were requesting is beyond the daily limit allowed by your bank’s Internet banking facility.  Most banks limit online payments to a maximum of PHP 50,000 a day.

Step 6

Dragonpay will send a confirmation to your email address with the status of the payment — whether successful or not.   The online merchant that you made the payment to would also normally send you an email confirming the receipt of payment.